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Combining the flexibility of email/IM with structured cloud storage

Our team has decades of experience in starting and running businesses, creating software and building hybrid teams that can work together wherever they are. We created InfoShare to:

  • Discuss any aspect of business while storing key decisions normally lost in email and chat
  • Inform those decisions with data from any source
  • Collaborate and communicate with internal and external stakeholders
  • Unify information, whether it be in communications or files, in one place
  • Serve customers and other stakeholders more effectively, efficiently, easily and cheaply
  • Secure your data and communications using flexible access tools

All at a cost affordable for most businesses and without the huge complexity and expense of the major online collaboration platforms.

Unified file storage

One central database for all your documents, of any type. Collaboratively working on a project or needing to allow customers to send you files? Grant ring-fenced access with built-in discussion.

Organised discussion

Never lose a vital message again. Use threaded discussions by category and user group to store conversations - with attachments. The convenience of cloud storage with the flexibility of email.

Easy security

Easily set who sees what. Communicate with all your customers together and/or individual clients. Create internal team spaces and mixed internal and external groups, with read-only or editing rights.

Creative solutions to your business challenges

We have built InfoShare in response to a number of different challenges, meaning that the flexibility of the platform is really only limited by your imagination and time spent re-envisaging your business and processes. Some examples:

  • Property Management: keep track of a portfolio of properties, from hidden details like wiring and plumbing to landlord-tenant communications and repairs and maintenance
  • Regulation & Compliance: assemble documentation required for legal compliance, audits, etc., and allow external access to relevant documents
  • Onboarding: taking on new employees – or even customers – can be made consistent and trackable; this can be especially effective as training can map/replicate the same business processes created on the InfoShare platform

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Client Testimonials

As a small business owner, I appreciate being able to easily share and communicate with my clients and agents, whether selling or managing properties.
Botshelo Wa Rakate
Principal, DR Properties (South Africa)
InfoShare has saved me a lot of time and effort dealing with client accounts, communication and Practice Assurance and is straightforward to use.
Adrian Rodriguez
Managing Partner,
HG Field
In my training and coaching I provide a private area to support each client and group. Other platforms are much more complex and expensive overkill.
Arthur Kendall
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